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There is no dought, Cybercrime is the major issue in the computing industry and no matter how secure you are, cybercrime is going to happen. So, being a leader, one has to understand the issue very seriously and manage everything by taking the cybersecurity as the top priority. And if we talk about the enterprises then this is an essential part.

Perhaps by standing at a position its quite difficult sometimes to have an eye upon everything especially at the ground level.

Let’s see a quick video for the understanding;

So, from SPS prospective, we are putting our experience of our 25 hours of cyber security into a CSM called MAP.

This Cognitive Security Manager is already tested by some of our clients in US. Although the platform is still in Beta, perhaps provides you a clear understanding of how things are going under your supervision.

Security Immune System;

Basically the CSM provide you the complete details of the security immune system at one place;

Cognitive Security Manager Portal;

The CSM portal provides the complete analysis over the dashboard;

Following are the key features in your finger tips;

  • Provides latest security news;

Here, the actual magic come using the IBM Discovery.

  • Live Chats

Here, one can easily do live chat for any kind of assistance. Following Chats are available at this moment;

  1. Chat with Security Operations Center for direct help from SOC.
  2. Chat with Watson Chatbot for any kind of  specific query.
  3. Chat with own development team for any internal discussion.
  4. Chat with SPS Team for any kind of query related to our team.

So, one have all kind  of options at the front of him to discuss any query.

  • Statistics of your State of Security;

This will be totally based upon the Security Paradigm;

  • Statistics of your State of Compliance:
  • Statistics of your State of Risk


If we particularly talk about portal then we can following sections;

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