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RPA bots are valuable for any application operating on UI, API, OS and Database layers.

Types of Bots

Automation Anywhere has three types of bots;

  1. Tasks Bots.
  2. IQ Bots.
  3. Meta Bots.

Task Bots;

They are responsible for the execution of tasks to inform the base for all automation anywhere functions. They execute repetitive, rules-based tasks that reply on structured data. They are easier to build and more resilient to change.

They are the core of automation, replicating and competing repetitive rules-based tasks that relay on unstructured data. These bots operate on the presentation layer of any desktop-based application and can execute multi-step processes around the clock with no errors.


They are the next generation intelligent bots that allow developers to add cognitive capabilities to processes. IQBots with vision skills is automation anywhere first step towards cognitive RPA.

It uses the cognitive capability to extract information from semi and unstructured data and with every human validation, it learns and grows smarter. E.g. there is a business process that involves a lot of document handlings such as invoice processing or clean processing. Manual processing of hundreds of docs involves the following; Diverse formats, Time Consuming, Labor Intensive, Error-Prone, is not only time consuming and labor-intensive but also expensive.

IQBots with vision skills is the answer to the doc handling problem

IQBot with vision Skills;

There is an organization that has to process a massive amount of data as it enters the company and much of the data arrive in an unstructured format (difficult for a machine to understand), including bills, contracts, office orders, emails, claims and more. with the variety of diverse format, labor required to process the information with potential of errors, companies may end of sacrificing Time, Money and Compliance with information intake. In automation anywhere we come with the solution that facilitates an end to end automation of all types of data.

Cognitive-capable “IQ Bots”

IQBots with vision skills processes structured and unstructured data by extracting and digitizing key information within.

As it steams line operations, it also learns to detect patterns so the next time the pattern encounters, bots know what to do automatically.

So it;

  • Reduce Errors.
  • Save Time.
  • End to end automation.


They are like the building blocks that are highly resilient and are reusable, automating the target application. They accelerate the deployment of the digital workforce by providing scalability and extensibility to automation anywhere cognitive platform.

Following are the benefits of Metabots;

  • Scalability;
    • Reuseable ‘lego-like’ building blocks.
    • Power Accelerated Automation.
      Faster ROI.
  • Extensibility;
    • Easy customization and integration.
    • Extend automation possibilities.
  • Compliance
    • Shareable Metabots library.
    • Forces adherence to organizational SOPs.
  • Resilience:
    • Auto upgrade of automation in case of a change in business processes.
  • Maintainability:
    • Render modular, concise and more powerful automation.
  • Offline automation:
    • Facilitates automation by experts who don’t have access to the application.

Automation anywhere shareable meta bot library forces adherence to organizational SOPs. Automation at the enterprise level requires skill automation efforts effectively.

To do this, automation anywhere builds metabots which operate like an automation building blocks. That can be used and reuse in the wast variety of automation tasks. These bots allow automation at all levels including API, Front End, Backend and Image Recognition.

Metabots are what we called app resilient, means you can add minimal edits to the bot itself when application update or changes and those changes will automatically apply to any task utilizing that bot.

E.g. what a sales order is entered in a separate ERP solution but it’s not updated in a CRM application. We can grab the necessary bots from metabot library to complete the tasks.
– Bot will equip with logic to capture critical information from sales order such as customer name, item description, and quantity.

All we have to do is to drop the metabot into the task script. Now when we will run the task, it will open the list of sales orders that and capture the necessary information.

From there it can seamlessly transfer the order information from ERP system to CRM automatically.
By creating a library of metabots for frequently used applications, enterprises can achieve;
– High ROI, repeatedly.
– Scale Automation effectivily.

Other Feature

Automation Anywhere enterprise has an integrated version control that enables sufesticated, collaborative, consistent, controlled and reliable enterprise-wide automation process development and deployment.

The control room is rightly integrated with subversion version control system. Version control enables the admin to;
– Configure connection parameters required to connect to the SVN repository.
– Map and unmap or remap the SVN server path to control room local path.
– Force unlock a bot, locked by one user and allow access to other users.
– Upload the existing control room repository to SVN and use it as a base for version control.

Version control enables the clients to;
– Download lastest version of a bot from a central repository
– Upload or check-in a new or existing bot from a central repository.
– Explicitly check-out a bot before modifying it.
– See version history of a bot for information about the changes.
– Revert or rollback to any previous version of a bot.

Automation Anywhere credential vault;

It is robotic process automation with Bank-grade security.

It allows adherence to enterprise-level information and security standards.

It offers protection against credential fraud. Improved business process and credential management.

In enables increased automation opportunities involving secure data and applications.

– Features

Credential vault serves as a centralized secured vault for sensitive data.

Credentials are encrypted with enterprise-grade security encryption.

Credentials values are feated with runtime (on-demand) provision of credentials to software bots via TLS 1.2 protocol to run automation tasks.

It needs FIPS level 1 compliance and Key management interoperability protocol (KMIP).
Automation anywhere offers business analytics exclusively for data processed by the digital workforce.

Unlike other analytics platform and projects, there is no need to invest in a large analytics or data warehousing project and related to toolset to analyze and extract the data.

How “Automation Anywhere Analytics” gather these data sets?
The business data objects and their attributes that are processed by the bots need to be tagged when the task is being defined within the automation anywhere platform on the task editor.
E.g. Customer attributes and the deposited amount for “New Account Opening” process in a bank.
Once tagged the actual values of these data attributes are;
– Captured using task variables.
– then logged every time the bot run these tasks
– And processed by the automation anywhere analytics engine for business consumption.
SQL database – the default in-built repository used in Automation Anywhere platform, captures and processes the data and is also optimized for large data storage and fast retrieval against queries.


* In Progress…

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