Microsoft Visual Studio Shortcuts


Microsoft Visual Studio is the most exclusive and powerful IDE in the world. And over the time the IDE getting improved day by day and adding awesome features for developers. One of the key feature that really make difference is the Shortcuts that really makes the developers life so much easy.

There was the time when a developer need to do everything. From simple things creation to make large integration among different modules. For any developer that was really a big headache. And on the result that, the development was very slow during the initial era. Especially for the student developers it was the huge mess.
But the tools like Visual Studio fully changed the Software Development style and introduced the new world order. From then developers don’t need to go and create small things again and again. The Visual Studio really helps developers by performing lot of stuff my itself. And as the newer versions of Visual Studio come the more improvements and facilities were added to facilitate users and make their lives easier.
Recently Microsoft announced the Visual Studio “15” that would introduce the developers with a new to develop software with lot of support and ease.
One of the feature that really associate with Visual Studio is the Shortcuts that Visual Studio provide to developers and make the developer life so much easy. Now its take very small time get hand-on with Shortcut and once you have learn the shortcut then boom! Now can easily write lot of code in a small time.

And these shortcuts are not only to write code. But Visual Studio provide long list of shortcuts that you can use any phase of development.

There is the long list of Visual Studio 2015 shortcuts but the major shortcuts which are used mostly during the development are mentioned bellow;

Visual Studio Shortcuts


Break Line Enter
Char Left Left Arrow
Char Left Extend Shift+Left Arrow
Char Left Extend Column Shift+Alt+Left Arrow
                Char Right Right Arrow
Char Right Extend Shift+Right Arrow
Char Right Extend Column Shift+Alt+Right Arrow
Char Transpose Ctrl+T
Clear All Ctrl+Alt+C
Clear Bookmarks Ctrl+K, Ctrl+L
Collapse All Outlining Ctrl+M, Ctrl+A
Collapse Current Region Ctrl+M, Ctrl+S
Collapse Tag Ctrl+M, Ctrl+T
Collapseto Definitions Ctrl+M, Ctrl+O
Comment Selection Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C
Complete Word Ctrl+Space
Alt+Right Arrow
Ctrl+K, W
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+W
Copy Ctrl+C
Copy Parameter Tip Ctrl+Shift+Alt+C
Create Copyof Work Item Shift+Alt+C
Cut Ctrl+X
Cycle Clipboard Ring Ctrl+Shift+V
Decrease Filter Level Alt+,
Delete Backwards Bkspce
Delete From Model Shift+Del
Delete Horizontal White Space Ctrl+K, Ctrl+
Document End Ctrl+End
Document End Extend Ctrl+Shift+End
Document Start Ctrl+Home
Document Start Extend Ctrl+Shift+Home
Edit Cell F2
Expand All Outlining Ctrl+M, Ctrl+X
Expand Collapse Base Type List Shift+Alt+B
Expand Current Region Ctrl+M, Ctrl+E
Find Ctrl+F
Find All References Shift+F12
Findin Files Ctrl+Shift+F
Find Next F3
Find Next Selected Ctrl+F3
Find Previous Shift+F3
Find Previous Selected Ctrl+Shift+F3
Format Document Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D
Format Selection Ctrl+K, Ctrl+F
Go To Ctrl+G
Goto Brace Ctrl+]
Goto Brace Extend Ctrl+Shift+]
Go To Declaration Ctrl+F12
Go To Definition F12
Go To Find Combo Ctrl+D
Go To Next Location F8
Go To Prev Location Shift+F8
Hide Selection Ctrl+M, Ctrl+H
Increase Filter Level Alt+.
Incremental Search Ctrl+I
Indent Shift+Alt+Right Arrow
Insert Snippet Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X
Insert Tab Tab
Line Cut Ctrl+L
Line Delete Ctrl+Shift+L
Line Down Down Arrow
Line Down Extend Shift+Down Arrow
Shift+Up Arrow
Line Down Extend Column Shift+Alt+Down Arrow
Line End End
Line End Extend
Line End Extend Column
Line Open Above Ctrl+Enter
Line Open Below Ctrl+Shift+Enter
Line Start Home
Line Start Extend Shift+Home
Line Start Extend Column Shift+Alt+Home
Line Transpose Shift+Alt+T
Line Up Up Arrow
Line Up Extend Shift+Up Arrow
Shift+Down Arrow
Line Up Extend Column Shift+Alt+Up Arrow
List Members Ctrl+J
Ctrl+K, L
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+L
Make Lowercase Ctrl+U
Make Uppercase Ctrl+Shift+U
Move Control Down Ctrl+Down Arrow
Down Arrow
Move Control Down Grid Down Arrow
Move Control Left Ctrl+Left Arrow
Left Arrow
Move Control Left Grid Left Arrow
Move Control Right Ctrl+Right Arrow
Right Arrow
Move Control Right Grid Right Arrow
Move Control Up Ctrl+Up Arrow
Up Arrow
Move Control Up Grid Up Arrow
Move Selected Lines Down Alt+Down Arrow
Move Selected Lines Up Alt+Up Arrow
Navigate To Ctrl+,
Navigate To Lollipop Shift+Alt+L
New Accelerator Ins
New String Ins
Next Bookmark Ctrl+K, Ctrl+N
Next Bookmark In Folder Ctrl+Shift+K, Ctrl+Shift+N
Next Highlighted Reference Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow
Next Key Typed Ctrl+W
Open File Ctrl+Shift+G
Outdent Shift+Alt+Left Arrow
Overtype Mode Ins
Page Down PgDn
Page Down Extend Shift+PgDn
Page Up PgUp
Page Up Extend Shift+PgUp
Parameter Info Ctrl+Shift+Space
Ctrl+K, P
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+P
Paste Ctrl+V
Paste Parameter Tip Ctrl+Shift+Alt+P
Peek Backward Ctrl+Alt+-
Peek Definition Alt+F12
Peek Forward Ctrl+Alt+=
Previous Bookmark Ctrl+K, Ctrl+P
Previous Bookmark In Folder Ctrl+Shift+K, Ctrl+Shift+P
Previous Highlighted Reference Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow
Quick Find Symbol Shift+Alt+F12
Quick Info Ctrl+K, Ctrl+I
Ctrl+K, I
Redo Ctrl+Y
Refresh Remote References Ctrl+Shift+J
Refresh Work Item F5
Remove Del
Removefrom Diagram Del
Remove Row Ctrl+Del
Replace Ctrl+H
Replacein Files Ctrl+Shift+H
Reverse Incremental Search Ctrl+Shift+I
Scroll Column Left Ctrl+Left Arrow
Scroll Column Right Ctrl+Right Arrow
Scroll Line Down Ctrl+Down Arrow
Scroll Line Up Ctrl+Up Arrow
Select All Ctrl+A
Select Current Word Ctrl+W
Selection Cancel Esc
Select Next Control Tab
Select Previous Control Shift+Tab
Select To Last Go Back Ctrl+=
Show Code Lens Menu Alt+`
Show Tile Grid Enter
Size Control Down Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow
Shift+Down Arrow
Size Control Down Grid Shift+Down Arrow
Size Control Left Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
Shift+Left Arrow
Size Control Left Grid Shift+Left Arrow
Size Control Right Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
Shift+Right Arrow
Size Control Right Grid Shift+Right Arrow
Size Control Up Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow
Shift+Up Arrow
Size Control Up Grid Shift+Up Arrow
Smart Break Line Shift+Enter
Stop Hiding Current Ctrl+M, Ctrl+U
Stop Outlining Ctrl+M, Ctrl+P
Stop Search Alt+F3, S
Surround With Ctrl+K, Ctrl+S
Swap Anchor Ctrl+K, Ctrl+A
Tab Left Shift+Tab
Toggle All Outlining
Toggle Bookmark
Ctrl+M, Ctrl+L
Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K
Toggle Completion Mode Ctrl+Alt+Space
Toggle Outlining Expansion Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M
Toggle Task List Shortcut Ctrl+K, Ctrl+H
Toggle Word Wrap Ctrl+E, Ctrl+W
Uncomment Selection Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U
Undo Ctrl+Z
View Bottom Ctrl+PgDn
View Bottom Extend Ctrl+Shift+PgDn
View Top Ctrl+PgUp
View Top Extend Ctrl+Shift+PgUp
View White Space Ctrl+R, Ctrl+W
Word Delete To End Ctrl+Del
Word Delete To Start Ctrl+Bkspce
Word Next Ctrl+Right Arrow
Word Next Extend Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow
Word Next Extend Column Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Right Arrow
Word Previous Ctrl+Left Arrow
Word Previous Extend Ctrl+Shift+Left Arrow
Word Previous Extend Column Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Left Arrow
Word Transpose Ctrl+Shift+T
Properties Alt+Enter
Build Solution Ctrl+Shift+B
Cancel Ctrl+Break
Compile Ctrl+F7
Run Code Analysison Solution Alt+F11
Navigate Backward Shift+Alt+3
Navigate Forward Shift+Alt+4
Code Snippets Manager Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B
Force GC Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12, Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F12
Go To Command Line Ctrl+/


Create New Project Ctrl+Shift+N
Add Content Page Ctrl+M, Ctrl+C
Add Existing Item Shift+Alt+A
Add New Item Ctrl+Shift+A
Class Wizard Ctrl+Shift+X
Override Ctrl+Alt+Ins
Previewchanges Alt+;, Alt+C
Publishselectedfiles Alt+;, Alt+P
Replace selected files from server Alt+;, Alt+R


Apply Code Changes


Attachto Process Ctrl+Alt+P
Autos Ctrl+Alt+V, A
Break All Ctrl+Alt+Break
Breakat Function Ctrl+B
Breakpoints Ctrl+Alt+B
Call Stack Ctrl+Alt+C
Debug Windows Phone Internet Explorer Ctrl+Shift+P
Delete All Breakpoints Ctrl+Shift+F9
Launch Alt+F2
Stop Collection Ctrl+Alt+F2
Disassembly Ctrl+Alt+D
Enable Breakpoint Ctrl+F9
Exceptions Ctrl+Alt+E
Go To Previous Callor Intelli Trace Event Ctrl+Shift+F11
Start Diagnostics Alt+F5
Immediate Ctrl+Alt+I
Intelli Trace Calls Ctrl+Alt+Y, T
Intelli Trace Events Ctrl+Alt+Y, F
Java Script Console Ctrl+Alt+V, C
Locals Ctrl+Alt+V, L
Process Combo Ctrl+5
Stack Frame Combo Ctrl+7
Thread Combo Ctrl+6
Toggle Current Thread Flagged State Ctrl+8
Toggle Flagged Threads Ctrl+9
Memory1 Ctrl+Alt+M, 1
Memory2 Ctrl+Alt+M, 2
Memory3 Ctrl+Alt+M, 3
Memory4 Ctrl+Alt+M, 4
Modules Ctrl+Alt+U
Parallel Stacks Ctrl+Shift+D, S
Parallel Watch1 Ctrl+Shift+D, 1
Parallel Watch2 Ctrl+Shift+D, 2
Parallel Watch3 Ctrl+Shift+D, 3
Parallel Watch4
Ctrl+Shift+D, 4
Ctrl+Shift+D, D
Processes Ctrl+Alt+Z
Quick Watch Shift+F9
Refresh F5
Refresh Windowsapp Ctrl+Shift+R
Registers Ctrl+Alt+G
Restart Ctrl+Shift+F5
Run To Cursor Ctrl+F10
Select Element Ctrl+B
Set Next Statement Ctrl+Shift+F10
Show All Ctrl+Alt+V, D
Show Call Stackon Code Map Ctrl+Shift+`
Show Layout Ctrl+Shift+I
Show Next Statement Alt+Num *
Start F5
Start Windows Phone Application Analysis Alt+F1
Start Without Debugging Ctrl+F5
Step Into F11
Step Into Current Process Ctrl+Alt+F11
Step Into Specific Shift+Alt+F11
Step Out Shift+F11
Step Out Current Process Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F11
Step Over F10
Step Over Current Process Ctrl+Alt+F10
Stop Debugging Shift+F5
Stop Performance Analysis Shift+Alt+F2
Tasks Ctrl+Shift+D, K
Threads Ctrl+Alt+H
Toggle Breakpoint F9
Toggle Disassembly Ctrl+F11
Watch1 Ctrl+Alt+W, 1
Watch2 Ctrl+Alt+W, 2
Watch3 Ctrl+Alt+W, 3


Ctrl+Alt+W, 4


Build Solution Ctrl+Shift+B
Cancel Ctrl+Break
Compile Ctrl+F7
Run Code Analysison Solution Alt+F11

Debugger Context Menus

Delete Alt+F9, D
Go To Disassembly Alt+F9, A
Go To Source Code Alt+F9, S


Fit All Ctrl+0
Refresh Page Ctrl+R
Search CSSPI Ctrl+Shift+;
Show Handles F9
Toggle Interactive Mode Ctrl+Alt+I
Zoom In Ctrl+Alt+=
Zoom Out Ctrl+Alt+-


Ignore Trim Whitespace Ctrl+, Ctrl+Space
Inline View Ctrl+, Ctrl+1
Left Only View Ctrl+, Ctrl+3
Next Difference F8
Previous Difference Shift+F8
Right Only View Ctrl+, Ctrl+4
Side By Side View Ctrl+, Ctrl+2
Switch Between Left And Right Ctrl+, Ctrl+Tab
Synchronize View Toggle Ctrl+, Ctrl+Down Arrow

Solution Explorer

Open Files Filter Ctrl+[, O
Ctrl+[, Ctrl+O
Pending Changes Filter Ctrl+[, P
Ctrl+[, Ctrl+P
Sync With Active Document Ctrl+[, S
Ctrl+[, Ctrl+S

OtherContext Menus

Refresh Linked Browsers Ctrl+Alt+Enter
Insert Column Ins
Column Ctrl+L
Cancel Interactive Evaluation Ctrl+Break
Reset Interactive Session Ctrl+Alt+R
Removefrom Workspace Del
Go To Controller Ctrl+M, Ctrl+G
Reload Schemas Ctrl+Shift+J
Add New Diagram Ins
Down Alt+Down Arrow
Down5 Alt+PgDn
To Bottom Alt+End
To Top Alt+Home
Up Alt+Up Arrow
Up5 Alt+PgUp
Rename Ctrl+R, R
Removefrom Diagram Shift+Del
Hide Methods Pane Ctrl+1
Copy Referenceto Clipboard Ctrl+C
Insert Delay Before Ctrl+Alt+D
Locate All Shift+Alt+L
Locatethe UIControl Ctrl+Shift+L
Movecode Ctrl+Alt+C
Splitintoanewmethod Ctrl+Shift+T


Encapsulate Field Ctrl+R, Ctrl+E
Extract Interface Ctrl+R, Ctrl+I
Extract Method Ctrl+R, Ctrl+M
Remove Parameters Ctrl+R, Ctrl+V
Rename Ctrl+R, Ctrl+R
Reorder Parameters Ctrl+R, Ctrl+O


All Windows Shift+Alt+M
NETNonvisual Controls Ctrl+Shift+N
Backward Alt+Left Arrow
Bookmark Window Ctrl+K, Ctrl+W
Browse Next Ctrl+Shift+1
Browse Previous Ctrl+Shift+2
Call Hierarchy Ctrl+Alt+K
Class View Ctrl+Shift+C
Class View Go To Search Combo Ctrl+K, Ctrl+V
Code Definition Window Ctrl+, D
Ctrl+, Ctrl+D
Command Window Ctrl+Alt+A
Data Sources Shift+Alt+D
Document Outline Ctrl+Alt+T
Edit Label F2
Edit Master Ctrl+M, Ctrl+M
Entity Data Model Browser Ctrl+1
Entity Data Model Mapping Details Ctrl+2
Error List Ctrl+, E
Ctrl+, Ctrl+E
F# Interactive Ctrl+Alt+F
Find Symbol Results Ctrl+Alt+F12
Forward Alt+Right Arrow
Forward Browse Context Ctrl+Shift+7
Full Screen Shift+Alt+Enter
Navigate Backward Ctrl+-
Navigate Forward Ctrl+Shift+-
Next Error
Next View
Notifications Ctrl+W, N
Ctrl+W, Ctrl+N
Object Browser Ctrl+Alt+J
Object Browser Go To Search Combo Ctrl+K, Ctrl+R
Output Ctrl+Alt+O
Pop Browse Context Ctrl+Shift+8
Properties Window F4
Property Pages Shift+F4
Quick Actions Ctrl+.
Refresh F5
Resource View Ctrl+Shift+E
Server Explorer Ctrl+Alt+S
Show Smart Tag Shift+Alt+F10
Solution Explorer Ctrl+Alt+L
SQLServer Object Explorer Ctrl+, Ctrl+S
Synchronize Views Ctrl+Shift+Y
Task List Ctrl+, T
Ctrl+, Ctrl+T
Tfs Team Explorer Ctrl+, Ctrl+M
Toolbox Ctrl+Alt+X
UMLModel Explorer Ctrl+, Ctrl+U
View Code Enter
View Designer Shift+F7
View Markup Shift+F7
Web Browser Ctrl+Alt+R
Zoom In Ctrl+Shift+.
Zoom Out Ctrl+Shift+,


Activate Document Window Esc
Activate Quick Launch Ctrl+Q
Activate Quick Launch Previous Category Ctrl+Shift+Q
Activate Solution Explorer Search Ctrl+;
Activate Window Search Alt+`
Add Tabto Selection Ctrl+Shift+Alt+Space
Apply Window Layout1 Ctrl+Alt+1
Apply Window Layout10 Ctrl+Alt+0
Apply Window Layout2 Ctrl+Alt+2
Apply Window Layout3 Ctrl+Alt+3
Apply Window Layout4 Ctrl+Alt+4
Apply Window Layout5 Ctrl+Alt+5
Apply Window Layout6 Ctrl+Alt+6
Apply Window Layout7 Ctrl+Alt+7
Apply Window Layout8 Ctrl+Alt+8
Apply Window Layout9 Ctrl+Alt+9
Close Document Window Ctrl+F4
Close Tool Window Shift+Esc
Keep Tab Open Ctrl+Alt+Home
Moveto Navigation Bar Ctrl+F2
Next Document Window Ctrl+F6
Next Document Window Nav Ctrl+Tab
Next Pane Alt+F6
Next Split Pane F6
Next Tab Ctrl+Alt+PgDn
Next Taband Addto Selection Ctrl+Shift+Alt+PgDn
Next Tool Window Nav Alt+F7
Previous Document Window Ctrl+Shift+F6
Previous Document Window Nav Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Previous Pane Shift+Alt+F6
Previous Split Pane Shift+F6
Previous Tab Ctrl+Alt+PgUp
Previous Taband Addto Selection Ctrl+Shift+Alt+PgUp
Previous Tool Window Nav Shift+Alt+F7
Show Dock Menu Alt+-
Show Ez MDIFile List Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow
Toggle Shift+Alt+V

Workflow Designer

Collapse Ctrl+E, Ctrl+C
Ctrl+E, C Collapse All
Ctrl+E, Ctrl+Y Ctrl+E, Y
Connect Nodes Ctrl+E, Ctrl+F
Ctrl+E, F
Create Variable Ctrl+E, Ctrl+N
Ctrl+E, N
Expand All Ctrl+E, Ctrl+X
Ctrl+E, X
Expand In Place Ctrl+E, Ctrl+E
Ctrl+E, E
Go To Parent Ctrl+E, Ctrl+P
Ctrl+E, P
Move Focus Ctrl+E, Ctrl+M
Ctrl+E, M
Navigate Through Designer Ctrl+Alt+F6
Restore Ctrl+E, Ctrl+R
Ctrl+E, R
Show Hide Argument Designer Ctrl+E, Ctrl+A
Ctrl+E, A
Show Hide Imports Designer Ctrl+E, Ctrl+I
Ctrl+E, I
Show Hide Overview Map Ctrl+E, Ctrl+O
Ctrl+E, O
Show Hide Variable Designer Ctrl+E, Ctrl+V
Ctrl+E, V
Toggle Selection Ctrl+E, Ctrl+S
Ctrl+E, S
Zoom In Ctrl+Num +
Zoom Out Ctrl+Num –


Start XSLTDebugging Alt+F5
Start XSLTWithout Debugging Ctrl+Alt+F5

Now if you are a beginner then you would definitely scared by watching these hundreds of Shortcut. But please don’t worry. You do not have to remember all of them. Simply do practice of one shortcut at a time of the shortcut that needs you most. Then simply do practice of another shortcut on second time. Hence after sometime your fingers would be dancing upon Keyboard and you would easily write large code in a small time and your life come very easy.

Microsoft recently added awesome features in Visual Studio few of them are mentioned bellow;

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Visual Studio team is continuing to add more keyboard shortcuts across the product. Recently Microsoft released a set for the Code hub.

Further you can see more Tips and Tricks for Visual Studio over HERE.

* Soon the gif Images will be uploaded along with every shortcut for the better understanding of every single shortcut.

** This Blog Post is in the honer of my mentor Usman-ur-Rahman-Ahmad who spends his high efforts upon me during my most critical time for two years. So I can now stand-up and serve my Pakistan.
This post is a reference from his last dev session which I toke at Microsoft Innovation Center Lahore.
This post is a reference from the last dev session of my Mentor which I toke at Microsoft Innovation Center Lahore.

Data Scientist & Solution Architect || IBM Recognised Speaker, Mentor, and Teacher || Debater || Blogger || Guinness World Record Holder || Watson Solution Developer || IBM Community Activist || Aspiring to Inspire.

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