Model the Gateways and Intermediate Events in a BPD | Hands-On with IBM BPM 8.6



In order to manage the flows and events in the business process definition, we can easily model by integrating with the BPD in the IBM Business Process Manager Process Designer.

Now once we are ready with our Business Process Definition like here. We’re ready to model the Gateways and Intermediate Events in a BPD;

Create Gateways in Business Process Definition

We can easily create the gateways in the flow of the business process definition by simply dragging and update the properties as per requirements like here;

* You just have to spend a little bit of time playing with BPD components and you can build your business process definition for any of the given requirements.

Create Intermediate Events in Business Process Definition

We can use the intermediate events e.g. timer implementation option to model escalation paths or delays in your BPDs. Using a timer intermediate event, we can specify a time interval after or before which some activity is conducted. The timer implementation option is available for events that are included in the process flow and events that are attached to an activity.

Let’s further understand about the Playback and Snapshot here

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