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In order to perform the task of creating the initial process model, we have to create the business process definition (BPD) in the IBM Business Process Manager Process Designer.

Now once we create our process application like here. We’re ready to create Business Process Definition (BPD);

Create a Business Process Definition (BPD)

From the Process Application dashboard, simply navigate to “Processes” and select “Process“.

Now in the dialog box, simply enter an appropriate name for the process definition and hit Finish button;

Within a few moments, BPM will create a default BPD at the front of us. The BPD can be divided into Lanes and Milestones. The horizontal lines are called Lanes and vertical ones are called Milestones.

By default, we have a process with following;

  • Team lane
  • System lane
  • Start event
  • End event.

There is nothing special about these events, they are created by default because we must have a Start event and an End event when we create a business process definition in IBM Business Process Manager Process Designer.

  • An event listener is a widget that is added to our BPD. It basically tells our process to do something if an event occurs.
  • An event is anything that may happen outside our process or in our process that effects how our process runs.
  • An event listener cannot be added to the service layer. Presently they are used in our business process layer.

We can easily further customize it as per our requirements by adding more Phases (Lanes)EventsActivitiesGateways like here;

* You just have to spend a little bit of time playing with BPD components and you can build your business process definition for any of the given requirements.

Further, we can easily update the properties by selecting the element;

We can also link the processes by attaching two business process definitions. Simply by going to “Implementation” in the properties of the activity and select the “Linked Process”;

Let’s build the modeling gateways and implement events in a business process definition here

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