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The first step in the actual hands-on is creating a process application in IBM BPM 8.6. The IBM BPM 8.6 is the latest version released by February 2019. So let’s start by Creating a process application.

Create a Process Application

In order to create a process model in the business process definition (BPD) in the IBM Process Designer, there must be a process application to contain the model.

Using the Process Center, we can easily create a process application with all the appropriate information to enable the creation of a process model or BPD.

  • Start IBM Business Process Manager and IBM Process Designer

Once our VM or the BPM 8.6 environment ready, we would have to start three server configurations. After logging on to the lab environment, start the Deployment Manager profile, the Node Agent profile, and the Deployment Environment.

Simply start the BPM 8.6 and access the Web Process Designer page. We would have our login page at the front of us;

Now simply login by using your credentials, you’ll have our Process Center page at the front of you.

Now at this moment, we’re standing at the starting line.

A fundamental benefit of the IBM Business Process Manager is that the process is always executable.

Simply click on the “Create New Process App” from the right panel of the IBM process designer;

A dialog box will appear, simply give an appropriate Process App Name and set Acronym and hit the create button;

Within a few moments, our process application will create and will be listed in our list of process apps.

Now, to further work with the process application, simply click upon the “Open in Designer” at the front of the process application name;

After opening the process application, the following Dashboard view of the Designer will be visible;

Here we can update all the required settings that we need to do.

Let’s create a Business Process Definition (BPD) to perform the task of creating the initial process model here

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