Build Windows App Version of Your Website


Microsoft Windows 10 makes it easy for you to create a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) version of your website and publish to the Store. That look great across all Windows devices, update and call native Windows APIs from JavaScript running on your website, creating a more engaging user experience. Further, you can also Integrate with Cortana voice commands. Also, Track status, ratings, and reviews, see analytics and get paid for all of your Windows apps in the Windows Store.

So In a few short steps, you can scale your app to the full range of windows devices. So Letโ€™s play with it.

  • Simply create a new project in Visual Studio with the blank Windows 10 JavaScript template;

And make appropriate changes like HERE if you need.

  • Now, simply delete all the package resources except image resources from the Solution Explorer;
  • Now open the package.appxmanifest file in code view and edit that in such a way that, add the site URL as the StartPage along with the application content URI rules. For the URL add the windows runtime access equals all tag for click run to deploy your web app;

Now simply run the app and you will see that it will run on any of the windows devices.

So you see, how easy is it to play with that and by doing few simple steps you can easily enhance your web app to the UWP platform.

Now Simply Publish your App and enjoy… : – )

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