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JumpStart with Hadoop

Motivation; Whenever we will hear about Big Data implementation and its tools, we would definitely hear about Hadoop community. According to IBM analytics, … Keep Reading


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GEP: IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

If you are an Entrepreneur, Startup or a new growing company and looking for appropriate tools, software, cloud services that exactly fulfilled your requirements then sky is the only limit my friend. IBM Global Entrepreneur is our unique program designed to connect startups to our global ecosystem of clients, partners, business leaders, and enterprise-grade technology.…

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IBM GEP: How To Sign up for IBM Global Entrepreneur Program

IBM is promoting Startups, Entrepreneurs and newly growing companies through the Global Entrepreneur Program. IBM Global Entrepreneur is a unique program designed to connect startups to IBM’s global ecosystem of clients, partners, business leaders, and enterprise-grade technology. The GEP Program contain everything to fulfill all the needs of a startup. Following are the benefits through GEP…

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Create a WordPress Blog in Bluemix

Are You looking to create a WordPress Blog in Bluemix? Congratulations! You’re at the right place. By Following few easy steps, you can easily create your WordPress Blog in Bluemix. Simply go to the Deploy WORDPRESS-ON-BLUEMIX link HERE; https://hub.jazz.net/deploy/index.html?repository=https://hub.jazz.net/git/jstart/WordPress.on.Bluemix Now simply do login into your Bluemix Account. After that, it would ask you to Pick an Alias.…

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JumpStart with XAMARIN

If you’re a .NET developer looking to create cross platform apps, Xamarin is the perfect tool for you. Xamarin, a tool that plugs in to Visual Studio, allows you to take the advantages of the skills that you already have to create apps that can work on iOS, Android, and Windows. So, first thing first,…

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EVOLVE16: Steve Wozniak at Evolve16

Xamarin Evolve is the largest cross-platform mobile event in the world, where over 1,500 developers, industry leaders, and Xamarin experts converge to advance the state of the art, discuss mobile strategy, and define the future of apps. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see tech legends Steve Wozniak and Miguel de Icaza on stage together, sharing their…

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