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Motivation; Whenever we will hear about Big Data implementation and its tools, we would definitely hear about Hadoop community. According to IBM analytics, … Keep Reading


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Microsoft Bot: Introduces the Bot Framework By Microsoft

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced the Microsoft Bot Framework. The new Framework is the part of new type named “Conversation As A Platform (CAAP)” which is also unveiled at Build 2016 by Microsoft current CEO Satya Nadella. The Microsoft Bot Framework  provides the great interaction naturally wherever your users are communicating with different Software Services… “Bots are…

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Desktop App Converter: Converts Win32 And .Net Apps To Modern Apps

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced an awesome tool of Desktop App Converter. That will allow developers to convert their Win32 and .Net apps to Modern Desktop apps. By converting from Desktop App Converter the apps can have Live Tiles and notifications just like other UWP Apps. And once converted, these Modern Desktop apps can be submitted to…

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Destination Mars: Microsoft Announces The NASA’s Destination To Mars

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced development is NASA’s Destination Mars. The Destination Mars brings the “Mars experience to Nasa Kennedy”. Lets see the virtual demo of Destination Mars from Microsoft Build 2016; So Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality technology will allow people to walk on Mars leveraging the footage NASA has captured of the red planet…

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Windows Ink: Pen-Paper is Back!

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced an awesome platform of Microsoft Int with Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Windows Ink will Recognizes text written using Pen and Cortana will make decisions based upon that. Let say, write Quiz in Class at 9am on sticky notes, Cortana recognizes that you wrote a reminder and adds a reminder by itself.…

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Microsoft Cognitive Services: Put Intelligence APIs to Your Work

During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft announced Microsoft Cognitive Services. Last Year Microsoft has announce the the Proejct with Code Name Project Oxford. Now Microsoft has named project Oxford as Microsoft Cognitive Services. Microsoft Cognitive Services let you build apps with powerful algorithms using just a few lines of code. They work across devices and platforms…

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BUILD 2016 IS HERE :: KeyNote is going to live at 20:30 PKT.

Microsoft Build 2016 is going to live very soon from San Francisco and the Moscone Center this week, March 30 –  April 1. Like every year, developers from all over the world put their eyes upon it. And Microsoft Build is going to rock the Spring once again with the shocking announcements and awesome demos… You can…

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