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Pakistan is one of the countries that have greater depth for Entrepreneurs and Startups. One of the biggest reason is that Pakistan has a lot of problems in every field. And more problems means you have more solutions for those problems. So Pakistani Entrepreneurs from all over the world spending their efforts upon that. According to experts, Pakistan can be next silicon-valley and that is only because of Pakistan have more problems.

Pakistani Entrepreneur Society is also getting mature over the time. So to control that IBM is now standing with Pakistani Entrepreneur Society. Providing them everything which they need. Not only that, IBM is helping them to Connect with enterprise customers, open new markets and distribution channels with promotion in the key markets.

IBM Global Entrepreneur Program is the world most exclusive program for Startups and Entrepreneurs that fulfilled all required needs to become successful.

If there are tech startups and they need technical tools, support and push to execute their Startup then IBM is providing everything they need. Similarly, if there are startups who are non-technical or technically strong but looking for business mentorship and push then IBM is pushing them through every way they need.

In Pakistan, IBM has biggest men force in all major cities. So directly interacting with Entrepreneurs and Startups and supporting and pushing them in every way. From the top leadership including Ghazzanfar Ali (CGM), Shariq Rehman (SWG-Lead), Nadeem A Malik (Cloud-Lead) and down to bottom including the Evangelists Team, working so hard very actively to support Startups and Entrepreneurs in their mission.

The IBM Evangelists Team is the most active team in Pakistan, they are spending their 24/7 with Startups and Entrepreneurs, resolving their queries, providing them required solutions, giving all required tools and software link them with their required resources and pushing them in their mission and goals.

So! If your business can think, you can outthink.

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