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If you are an Entrepreneur, Startup or a new growing company and looking for appropriate tools, software, cloud services that exactly fulfilled your requirements then sky is the only limit my friend. IBM Global Entrepreneur is our unique program designed to connect startups to our global ecosystem of clients, partners, business leaders, and enterprise-grade technology.

So, whatever you need or required to grow up, is here for you. Joining is absolutely free and you have the whole year access to IBM Bluemix Cloud Services with up to $120K USD of IBM Cloud Credit for all of your developers.

Not only that but you would get an Extensive global network of solutions architects and a leading vendor to offer go-to-market and mentor advice to entrepreneurs.

And that is just the beginning, you can put great IBM development and test software at your fingertips, including Bluemix Services, SoftLayer (Bare Metal, Virtual, and Hybrid Cloud servers, GPUs, CPUs, Bandwidth, storage) and more Bluemix, including: Watson on Bluemix and Performance Management on Bluemix – for free. Plus, enjoy access to a number of free training classes, technical content and Technical support for Bluemix.

Through Bluemix Services you can take your Idea or project to the whole new level of innovation. Bluemix is a Platform-as-a-Service, with access to over 100 services including Watson, Cloudant (non-dedicated) and Performance Management. SoftLayer is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service and credits can be used on dedicated servers, cloud servers, or a hybrid of both. And Because through Bluemix we accelerate Innovation on Both sides of the Firewall;

So you build the future, grow your stuff, and launch the next level of innovation. And We’re here to help you thrive;

Because our cloud services are purely design for you.

And there are few interesting beneficial facts that you would receive to help build, launch and scale your business;

Up to $120k” of free IBM Cloud services mean cost savings that you can spend elsewhere, such as hiring developers, investing in marketing and acquiring new customers.

Startups working with an IBM-approved VC, accelerator, or incubator are eligible to receive up to $10,000 USD in cloud credit per month for 12 consecutive months.

Other eligible startups will receive $2,000 USD per month total ($1,000 USD per month of SoftLayer credit and $1,000 USD per month of Bluemix credit, which includes Watson, Cloudant and Performance Management on Bluemix).

For participation at the $10,000 USD per month level, IBM will contact the applicant to discuss additional factors necessary to determine eligibility for the higher credit.

For participation at the $2,000 USD per month level, acceptance or rejection will be based on the submitted information as verified by IBM.

Go-to-Market & New Customer Acquisition” that will help you to Connect with enterprise customers, open new markets and distribution channels with promotion in the key markets.

You may also have access to IBM marketing promotion, increased visibility and connection opportunities with IBM global startup community partners, PR opportunities, and special events. In addition, IBM offers a wide range of marketing support for startups that are available to help identify new target industries, build campaigns, and get access to mentorship and digital media marketing.

Business Mentorship” would Pairing your company with expert mentors from IBM and our network of VC, angel investors and serial entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of your business – no matter what stage of the journey you’re in.

Technical Support” – Consult in-person or virtually with technical experts who will guide you through applying IBM Cloud technology to your ideas and help you migrate from your existing infrastructure or platform.

Business Service Discounts” – every penny counts so we have worked with a range of service providers to extend discounts to you, such as office supplies, hotels, car rental and more.

So, Are you Eligible to Apply for GEP?

Yes! You are definitely eligible to apply for GEP if you;

  • Have been founded within the 5 years.
  • Have less than $1,000,000 USD in revenues during the 12 months.
  • Not have been a paying customer of any of the covered IBM Cloud services.
  • And you cannot be a prior Bluemix customer and use allocated cloud credit towards Bluemix.
  • Similarly, you cannot be a prior SoftLayer customer and use allocated cloud credit towards SoftLayer.

So, based on the mentioned criteria you can simply apply for IBM Global Entrepreneur Program HERE!

For the detailed official explanation simply visit the official portal HERE

And if you have any further query and question about the program or you want to know about any specific detail then feel free to send your queries and questions on the given Email

So, startups are vital members of our ecosystem. Together, we join in new and dynamic ways to work with flexibility, agility, and speed to strengthen new markets like cloud, mobile, big data, and analytics.


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