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Well, a great mentor is the biggest blessing. No dought it’s all depends upon a mentor that how great you are and you can be. If you see a great successful person around, you can easily analyze that he is going successfully due to his great mentors around. A mentor can be in the form of a teacher, professor, parent, friend or even a manager. The level of a mentor or the greatness of the mentor can define how great you are.

Ammarah Abbasi is one of the great mentors I have got. She truly a great person who was guiding me all the time. Since my first project started with her in Mid-2017, since day one she was very kind. She always correcting me, discussing things and points precisely whenever I need to decide or finalized something big.

No douth, she was truly taking care. There are lot of things that can be described, especially in Ramzan when we were actually starting the project with blueprinting, I was Fasting and I had a very tight schedule due to ‘TARAWIH’, so she pushes the whole team to work as per my ease.

Then on Eid, I was looking for one week holiday to celebrate Eid, so she takes one week Eid holiday for me so I can enjoy my Eid, even she was working in Office on that Eid. : – (

Then she really accommodates the workflow on my Mamu death when I was not available, even the project was in a critical stage.

Then she boosts the work in September and talked to everyone to conclude the things in time, even the LAKS was on a trip at that time.

And not only that, every day, I was like disturbing her by asking so many things about the project, even some of them were not relevant to her, perhaps even then she was always there, saying “Yes Sajid, Let me handle that”!

And these are just a few things, there are a lot of things that really describe her greatness but I believe this is not the right time to discuss everything here. : – )

So! what else you need if you have great mentors like her around you. Simply keep working hard in the forward direction with a true heart and a mentor will automatically take work from you.

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