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Salama | COVID19 Cognitive Solution | Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi


Well, an another developed cognitive solution went live today.

The Journey started last month, when the COVID19 was started getting peak. So, I along with Ammar Zaidi, Osama Damati, Prabhu Ram and few others, started working on a cognitive solution for COVID19 that was going to integrate with the CCAD official website.

The first version was quickly developed on the emergency basis and by doing continuous work of around 30+ hours, we submitted it for the approval. Then the Arabic version toke a similar effort and we also quickly developed that and submitted for the approval as well.

Later on, with proper iterations, finally, the solution went live today (04:00 PKT, April 22nd, 2020) after the go-live activity which lasted for more than 10 hours over the official website of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi here; https://www.clevelandclinicabudhabi.ae/en/pages/default.aspx

Really feeling proud to play my this little role against COVID19. : – )

Also, wanted to thanks, Nadeem, Naeem, Mayank, Ahmed, Sadia from Pakistan and Ghada Ali Siddiqui from Saudi Arabia to take a part in building the solution.


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