Getting My Blog Ready Before Build 2016


Well well well, Build 2016 is almost here. And Being a Techi Guy getting my fingers ready to dance on Keyboard during the Build 2016 for some extra ordinary stuff from Microsoft.
So far that the major thing which was required is to prepare the blog in its actual form. Well actually I had created a blog for me but because that was static so it was really difficult for me to first write the post and then upload it to blog to live it… Aaaaaaah!
And now I’ve decide, enough is enough, the time has come to stop wasting my words upon Social Media Platforms. Its time to give my words some value and write my words upon some specific place where I can get value of my words… : – )
So here is blog post from which I’m starting. From now all my words will be coming from this platform. And Yes! I’ll be still using Social Sites! But Only for sharing my blog posts.
Now Lets see where this journey go from here… : – )
Let the magic begins.

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