Microsoft Build 2016: XAMARIN is Free with Visual Studio


During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft made a huge announcement announced of XAMARIN Free for Developers. From the day when Microsoft occupy XAMARIN, every developer was super excited. And that excitement more increase by Microsoft during the Build 2016 conf. As the XAMARIN is loved by developers from the beginning;

So! From today;

Xamarin is Including in Visual Studio at No Extra Cost.

Xamarin will be include with all editions of Visual Studio, including the Visual Studio Community Edition which is free for individual developers and small teams.

So now you can develop and publish native apps for iOS and Android with C# from directly within Visual Studio with no limits.

Lets Start developing iOS and Android apps with the full power of Xamarin and C#, simply download Xamarin Studio or Xamarin for Visual Studio today from Here.

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