Microsoft Build 2016: Skype is Open for Developers to Use In Apps


During the Build 2016 conf, Microsoft announced the Skype SDKs for developers. That will open the new ways of development and make the Apps more Conversation as a Platform.

The Skype Web SDK enables the integration of real-time messaging experiences in nearly any webpage with only a few lines of code. Microsoft is updating this SDK  to provide a preview of audio and video (AV) calling experiences that may be used with both Skype for Business Online and Skype for Business Server, including support for plugin-free AV experiences when using Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft also announced the Skype for Business App SDK Preview that provides native Android and iOS APIs for embedding Skype for Business audio, video, and chat capabilities into mobile and tablet applications. And the new Skype for Business User API allows developers to add chat and presence experiences to their communication solutions on nearly any platform or programming language. Microsoft is using this Skype for Business User API to power the native Skype for Business mobile applications.

You can also find more details upon Skype Development Platform Here.

Moreover, Microsoft has announced the preview of the Skype Bot SDK which will allow developers to create their own bots for Skype which will be capable of having conversations and video chats with users.

These bots will interact with the user through Skype, Cortana and Bing integration and perform various actions like booking hotel rooms, flight tickets and much more.

And the most interesting part is the Skype has more than 300 million monthly active users, will get bots.

Microsoft also showed off Skype for Hololens.

That would definitely start a new era. That will not only provide great facility to use this great communication tool in their apps but also provide the great experience to common users.

And this is just the beginning. There is not more to come from here…

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