HoloLens: The HoloLens DevKit is Now Available


During the Microsoft Build 2016 conference, Microsoft has announced the HoloLens DevKit. The DevKit costs up to 315K Pakistani Rupees (i.e. 3000 USD) and is the first fully untethered holographic device.

But! If you’re like me, not able to spend amount upon the hardware kit then don’t worry my friend.

Microsoft also released the HoloLens emulator. That means you can now get an idea of how the HoloLens works without spending $3000. : – )

So now you can easily develop applications and games for the HoloLens.

But Again! To test your app or game out properly.  it is important to test upon an actual HoloLens. And for that you can ask someone from Microsoft Community who can test your app for you… : – )

Let’s have a look upon Microsoft HoloLens release at Build 2016;

You can download the emulator Here>.

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