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If you are a Startup and you want to get a strong boost. Or if you are an Entrepreneur and you want to know about what initiatives or services are available through which you can get facilitate for your existing or upcoming startup. Then, my friend, IBM Startup Bootcamp is the best event to go.

And if we talk about IBM Startup Bootcamp then whatever a Startup or an Entrepreneur need then he can get from there. There are Dev Sessions, Technical Workshops, One to one discussion, Startup mentorship and everything you need is at one place. Through which one can really facilitate themselves.

IBM Startup Bootcamp-II The very second IBM Startup Bootcamp was executed @ TIC NUST Islamabad. There were around 40 startups from National University of Science and Technology take a part in that. Although we received large number of registrations from all over the north region perhaps due to security reasons. Only invited the limited number of relevant startups from NUST Islamabad.

The Bootcamp was executed on 21st of February 2017 at NUST Islamabad. For the Bootcamp, we’ve invite IBM technical and business leads to mentor the startups.

The TIC NUST team collaborate with us at every level and facilitate us to accommodate all activities in limited time of Bootcamp.

  • Opening Session;

The Startup Bootcamp start at 10AM with the opening session by Dr Zaidi (Principal SEECs);

  • IBM Keynote Session;

The Keynote speaker was IBM Pakistan Cloud Lead, Mr. Nadeem A. Malik. He describes about the IBM Cloud in detail and how Startups can get benefit from Bluemix and all other services provided by IBM;

  • Session-I | Technopreneurship: Engine of Pakistan and its next generations growth;

After his session, IBM Pakistan Business Lead, Mr. Osama Ashfaq come on stage and he briefly described about the Technopreneurship. Startups really enjoyed his session;

  • Session-II | Why Startups Fail;

And then Nadia Zaheer (IBM Data Scientist) come on stage and she gave the session upon ‘Why Startups Fail’;

  • Session-III | FinTech – Blockchain;

There were number of startups who were working upon FinTech so as per their request we invited Mr Muhammad Zain for the complete session of Block Chain and IBM FinTech Technologies;

  • Session-IV | Cognitive Services for Startups;

Session on Cognitive for Business was delivered by Qaim Hassan Abbas and he described about the IBM Cognitive Services for startups;

  • Session-V | IBM & Entrepreneurs;

And finally, I come on stage for the complete session on ‘IBM & Entrepreneurs’ in which I briefly described about IBM offering for Startups and what is the magic of becoming ‘IBM Global Entrepreneur’;

* Video was not shot appropriately.


And finally, we had Free Food for Startups sponsored by IBM;

  • One-to-one meetings with Each Startup;

During the second half of Bootcamp, we had one-to-one meetings with each startup. In which Startups describe their complete startups and IBM mentors did their live mentorship;

Over all it was one of the most successful events which we had done so far. We’ve received 15+ GEP registrations from the participants and we’re still receiving registrations from the participants.

We’ve seen some great startups from there. CricFlux and TouchD were among the innovative startups who were doing great work and who can be featured ahead.

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