IBM Startup Bootcamp-I | Comsats Islamabad


If you are a Startup and you want to get a strong boost. Or if you are an Entrepreneur and you want to know about what initiatives or services are available through which you can get facilitate for your existing or upcoming startup. Then, my friend, IBM Startup Bootcamp is the best event to go.

And if we talk about IBM Startup Bootcamp then whatever a Startup or an Entrepreneur need then he can get from there. There are Dev Sessions, Technical Workshops, One to one discussion, Startup mentorship and everything you need is at one place. Through which one can really facilitate themselves.

So, this was the very first IBM Startup Bootcamp in Islamabad. After the complete discussion and postponed many times. Finally, it was going to held on 17th January 2017.

  • Keynote Sessions;

The Bootcamp was started with the great keynote session by Dr. Nadia Zaheer Khan. She described in detail about the IBM Initiatives, Programs, Platforms and Services for Startups.

  • Session-I | Bluemix Cloud and Cognitive Services;

Qaim explained about Bluemix Cloud services, how Watson Cognitive Services will be helpful to expand Startups business. Also showed some Watson Demos on runtime.

  • Session-II | IBM & Entrepreneurs;

And finally, I speak upon โ€˜IBM & Entrepreneursโ€™. (And you know when Sajid Ali Khan come to stage then he takes the session to a whole new level).

I describe in detail about how IBM is Supporting and Pushing Startups and Entrepreneurs. Because its all about cognitive.

And then we had Refreshment for participants from IBM. : – )

  • One-to-one meetings with Each Startup;

There was on-to-one meeting with each startup to discuss their technical and business queries.

We allocate 5 to 10 minutes for each startup perhaps we had seen some great startups stories so most of them toke more time than expected.

During the one-to-one meetings, startups actually show us their strength and we have seen some outstanding projects that would be going to add some great positive value to our society. There were also some non-tech startups who want to add great value to their startups with the use of technology and Watson Cognitive Services.

  • Session-III | IBM Global Entrepreneur Program;

And we had our last session on โ€˜IBM Global Entrepreneur Programโ€™ in which I describe in detail about how Startups can benefit themselves through GEP Program and how they can become Global Entrepreneurs through the program.

  • Closing Address | Ahsan Mirza (Incharge Cubator 1NE);

The Final Address was given by Ahsan Mirza (Incharge Cubator 1NE) in which he describes about further collaboration with Startups. He also appreciates our efforts for local startups.

So, finally, we conclude our one day startup Bootcamp. Overall it was a great event in which startups come to know about IBM initiatives and how they can make their startups successful through IBM initiatives and services. It was great to interact and push those startups who will be going to make our Pakistan proud one day.

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