Deploy To Bluemix Button | An Easy Way To Share Your App With Others


So, if you are looking for an easy way to share your app with others then one of the best ways is by “Deploy to Bluemix Button”. Basically, it allows us to share our public Git-sourced app so that other people can experiment with the code and deploy it to their Bluemix cloud.

Bluemix App ‘Continuous Delivery’ feature play a very helpful role in this. So by simply through enabling that you can extract your app along with full code into a Github repository. And then by simply creating a “Deploy to Bluemix” button and embed the repository URL you can easily ask others to deploy your app to their Bluemix cloud.

Let’s do play with this.

In your Bluemix account, simply go to your app dashboard. For the demonstration, I’ve chosen an example of  ‘Personality Insights Java Web Starter”. Let’s assume that our app is up and running on bluemix.

So to share the app with others, simply go to ‘Continous delivery’ section;

Simply click Enable;

And within few seconds, it will take you “Continuous Delivery Toolchain”, simply hit create;

And it will make your available in a git repository along with different stages;

You may further customer the code or deliver section as per your need.

So now we have your code in a git repository. To view that, simply click upon the repository and you can see the code files of the project;

Now, simply use the following code and embed the URL of your repository at its place;

<a href=”<git_repository_URL>” # [required]><img src=”” alt=”Deploy to Bluemix”></a>

And that’s it, now you can simply share the button with anyone. And whoever on the button can easily deploy the app into its own Bluemix account.

So, you see how cool is that. : – )

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