Create a WordPress Blog in Bluemix


Are You looking to create a WordPress Blog in Bluemix? Congratulations! You’re at the right place. By Following few easy steps, you can easily create your WordPress Blog in Bluemix.

Simply go to the Deploy WORDPRESS-ON-BLUEMIX link HERE

Now simply do login into your Bluemix Account. After that, it would ask you to Pick an Alias.

Simply choose an Alias and do click the Create Button;

Now if the Alias would available then it would create an alias for you.

Now simply do Continue.

And Now it would ask your App Name and other stuff. Simply choose everything accordingly and choose the App Name with you want to make URL of your Blog and click Deploy;

Now if the App Name available, Bluemix would take a while and deploy your App for you;

So! That’s it. Now you’re good to go with your App.

Now you can see your code by simply clicking upon “EDIT CODE” button;

And if you want to see your App then simply click upon “VIEW YOU APP” from that deployment page. And you are good to go with your WordPress site;

Now simply complete the Installation.

And you are good to go with your WordPress blog upon Bluemix. Now simply install your favorite Theme, Plugins and Widgets and get set start blogging.

And so Sky is the Limit for you. Keep exploring things and keep doing blogging.

Just like I’ve developed and designed my blog, similarly you can also do that;

So, you see how easy is it to play with Bluemix services. Now you can easily deploy your WordPress Blog upon Bluemix. : – )

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