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JumpStart with Hadoop

Motivation; Whenever we will hear about Big Data implementation and its tools, we would definitely hear about Hadoop community. According to IBM analytics, some companies are delaying data opportunities because of organizational constraints. Others are not sure what distribution to choose and still, others simply can’t find time to mature their Big Data delivery due to…

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JumpStart with DevOps

What is DevOps; DevOps is a Software Development Strategy, that bridges the gap between the Dev and the Ops side of the company. * It’s not a tool, it’s a Methodology to bridge the gap b/w development and operations teams! As there is always a lot of conflicts between the two teams; E.g. a Software…

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JumpStart Programming with Python 3

Motivation; Well, if you want to play with data and deal with complex analytics problems then Python is the best for you. We can use Python for developing complex scientific and numeric apps. Python is designed with features to facilitate data analysis and visualization. The syntax in Python helps the programmers to do coding in fewer steps as compared…

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Understanding of Data Science Methodology

Motivation: It’s all about the different methods used in data science. Data Science Methodology: There is the following methodology used in data science which can further categories into different phases; From Problem to Approach Business Understanding Analytical Approach Working with Data Data Requirements Data Collection Data Understanding Data Preparation Deriving the Answer Modeling Evaluation Development Feedback…

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Hands-On with Supervised & Unsupervised Learning | Machine Learning

Motivation In Machine Learning, all types including supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning have their own way of implementation. Let’s do hands-on with them; Supervised Learning It’s the “Task Driven” (Predict next value). Here, we teach the model! then with that knowledge, it can predict unknown or future instances. Let’s implement the simple code in the jupeter…

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